Sleep May Be A Detox for Your Brain

A fascinating new study published this month in the journal, Science, suggests that the restorative function of sleep may be to remove toxins from the brain. The study examined the brains of mice during sleep and waking time. The study authors found that during sleep, the brain’s cells shrank.  This led to greater space between…

Get a Good Night’s Sleep, Naturally

When we are busy and stressed, sleep is often the first casualty. We cut back on sleep to get more done, then suffer through sleepless nights and long days running on caffeine and adrenaline. Good sleep is vital for our health and well-being. People with chronic sleep disturbances have an increased risk of health problems including heart disease. One study found that they receive fewer job promotions and lower pay than those who sleep well!

Growth hormone, sometimes called the “anti-aging” hormone, is secreted in the brain during deep sleep.  It stimulates regeneration of body tissues and breakdown of fat stores. Hormones that affect appetite also become disrupted with poor sleep. The result is that you feel hungrier and eat more while breaking down less fat. Getting quality sleep regularly will help you feel better, be more productive, and help you manage your weight too!